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» Comics - File #04-45 - January 5th, 2010, 7:15 am

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The Management Says:
hikahika, January 5th, 2010, 7:15 am ( Reply )

Action scenes. (failfailfail)
And in the meantime I realise that my weekly monday page has shifted itself to a tuesday page instead. OTL Uwaaa... Hopefully I'll be able to shift it back to original schedule soon.

School starts in one week. OTL Holidays always pass by so quickly. Hopefully I'll have time to keep up with weekly updates nevertheless OwO+

File 4 is officially going to be the longest chapter so far TvT;;; But the point is coming soon! Really soon! Like, in two pages or so! OAO+

Advertisement, September 20th, 2019, 2:20 am ( Reply )

hikahika, January 5th, 2010, 7:23 am ( Reply )

@BK_1/VGKid: =A=!!! I-I wanna be able to do pages that fast too OTL Orz orz...
And thank youuu =A= (still studying comic composition and failing)

@TheDayDreaming: Whoa OAO
I... I say this truthfully with no sense of sarcasm intended... I-I... ;u; (/touched) T-thank you so much for the (really really really) long comment. +_+;;; This should go in the guiness world records or something. *SHOT*

I-I'm also so glad (more like, extremely touched OTL) that people actually remember stupid little things I put on fillers ahaha. T///v///T (/thanks your dad for reminding<?> you about P:K)

Crotch Appreciation Week! OAO
I demand we get a week of public holidays so we can er. Appreciate the... sheer beauty of... crotches. O3O++
(closes eyes and listens to heroic music) Yes! Yes I shall be proud of my crotches! *SHOT*

Ahaha =q= Amendment for award approved OvOb

Also, I thank the chocolate milk for your comment QvQ It made my day, really ;v; <33

@Krazy: KALE DOESN'T MIND. HE SAYS YOU CAN TAKE HER ANYTIME YOU WANT. HOPEFULLY NOW. Because he kinda wants to stop fighting and just go back home for dinner. Or something like that. OvO+

User Comments:
Kairin Touzen, January 5th, 2010, 7:41 am ( Reply )

Painful to know that the son has to fight his own mother...

Guys check out my thread on the SJ Awards Nomination and get shocked with who I nominated. ^_^


poppints, January 5th, 2010, 10:11 am ( Reply )

I just read everything up till now and I really like it =)
Faved <3

BK_1/VGKid, January 6th, 2010, 12:48 am ( Reply )

np XD

The DayDreaming, January 6th, 2010, 9:49 pm ( Reply )

It stinks~
OAO I knew it!

Oh, Kale~ You have a sexy black hand. I always find hands and arms discolored due to wounds or deformities strangely appealing...Somehow, I do not feel ashamed. Ohohohohuhuhu~~~

Long chapters are nothing to be ashamed of, however! I find this chapter to be thoroughly enjoyable, since I've become emotionally invested in poor Kale's tragic tale of a loony, murderous, kind-of-a-bitch mom pitted against her supposed-to-be-dead son; fighting in an epic battle of clashing morals and catchy comeback lines. Ahaha, I kind of don't want it to end, it's so exciting and dramatic. I hope everyone garners a new appreciation for Kale, since this is pretty much totally above-and-beyond the call of duty, at least in my eyes.

Question time, question tiiiime~! You ready? No? Oh-freakin'-well: Once Kale's mom is defeated (I'm assuming she's either beaten, or flees to fight another day), what will happen to Kale? If she is defeated, does that mean Kale's hand will be healed? Does that mean he'll no longer have to wear bandages, and then Kaze and he can no longer be called that Bandaged Limb Combi?!

Oh no! Now that I think about it, if crazy-mama is defeated, will Kale even stay with the IM government organization thingamajig? Cause, I think I know from file 3.5 that he only joined in order to keep himself from rotting away, and to gain information as to his mother's whereabouts. Now that she's been found, and that he might possibly defeat her and be healed (or maybe not, who knows?), he really doesn't have a reason to stay, does he? Unless Kaze totally uses puppy-dog eyes and pout-of-disappointed-innocence (I think my brain just broke from typing that and thinking at the same time) to make him stay, but that's just a slightly disturbed girl's fantasy.

Even then, there's the chance that Kale's mom might get away. She's eluded people before, right? What if Arche doesn't make it on time to undo the IM and Kale's mom slips away into the night to go infect other defenseless children so that they'll say grace and what they're thankful for during Thanksgiving?!

But, hm. No need to answer any of these! I'll find out soon enough! Ahaha.

On other notes: Ahahahohohohuhuhu~~~

You know what else needs some appreciation a bit farther down...




...Knees. Knees are sexy!

Draw more knees! I guarantee about a .05% increase in your comic-reading population at just the addition of this simple fanservice. I, for one, am--(SHOTSHOTSHOT)

Ahaha, anyways...Great page! I'm excited to learn of what happens next, and if Kale's crazy mom will turn the tables on our luffable chicken-molesti--- I mean eating, hero. Ahem. Yes.

Now, I'm off to go wallow in the miserable cold. Can you freakin' believe it?! I'm living in Florida, the land of only TWO seasons, and I'm freezing my ass off! Constant 40 degree average weather down here! Simply uncalled for. I feel jipped.

EhKiam!, January 31st, 2010, 5:29 am ( Reply )

You should know me~ 8D
Faved + Rated 5&#12288;&#9734;
Add me to your fan club alright? OuO

Princess_Scarlett, March 6th, 2010, 11:33 pm ( Reply )


I'm surprised that I can still remember what's happening since I haven't been on for a month or so.
Please keep up the good work!~

rainysidewalks, March 14th, 2010, 10:02 am ( Reply )

I love the look of your lineart~

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