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Additional details for the bored, the curious, and the fangirls... if there are any.

Kale and Kaze both have an MSN account and can be found on MSN if you want to contact both of them. More details regarding this can be found here; please read to avoid confusion.

Nicknames: "Gaki" (meaning brat, kid; Kaze uses this more often) Other nicknames include an assortment of insults and badwords.
Age: 18
Birthday: April 2nd
Bloodtype: A
Department: Info Confirmation
Likes: Himself, Money, Food.
Dislikes: Grey (be it the colour itself, grey skies, or Kaze's hair), hunger, lack of money.
Talents: Pick-pocketting, petty theft, lock-picking, running away, talking nonsense, bootlicking.
Weapon(s): Dagger (but he doesn't use it with much skill - "SO YOU JUST STICK THE POINTY END IN RIGHT!?")

Egoist, Realist, Food-loving. It is probably the red hair that gives most people the first impression that they are talking to a rash, hot-headed, idiot. Kale takes advantage of this situation for most of it.

You don't see Kale doing things unless he gets something out of it. Is pretty much an anti-risk-taking coward, and when things go bad will probably be the first to run away.

But all that put to one side he's pretty much the cheery, easy-going, talkative mood-maker. Thinks a lot (too much?) when he's alone.

MSN: toriniku.honmei@hotmail.com

Kigami Kaze
Nicknames: n/a
Age: 19
Birthday: December 3rd
Bloodtype: O
Department: Info Confirmation
Likes: Money, collecting things(?), sleep(?)
Dislikes: ...carrots?
Talents: Forgetting things, stealth, hand-to-hand-combat, sleeping with his eyes open
Weapon(s): (currently still being discussed with Minou)

If he doesn't care about it, he forgets it. Pretty much a my-pace kind of person; doesn't talk much, doesn't listen much, doesn't care much. Basically has the facial emotions of a dead fish... for most of the time.

Despite his relatively cool and composed exterior, is pretty much the opposite of that; rash, emotional, spur-of-the-moment.

Stubborn. The more you tell him not to do something, the more likely he is to do it. Pursuer of personal freedom... or something like that.

MSN: nurse_gekimoe@hotmail.com (...)
By the way, his character design rightfully belongs to Minou.

Kurobane Hiu
Nicknames: Piyo (Kale, occasionally)
Age: 19
Birthday: March 18
Bloodtype: O
Department: Info Collection
Likes: Sweet foods (deserts, etc), fantasizing (Hiu has fangirl-itis), her older brother
Dislikes: Bitter foods
Talents: Demolishing deserts like she has a bottomless stomach, Illusions, falling asleep when flying, automatic sugar rush
Weapon(s): Fans (x2), a certain amount of wind-based magic, illusion spells

The second eldest child of a Genjyuu Tribe, thus explaining why she has the ability to turn into a hawk. Hiu is not at all used to her hawk form however, and has the tendency to fall asleep when shifting into it.

Ball of sugar rush, often overly energetic and cheerful. Simply put in layman's terms, the resident fangirl - relatively good pals with Kale, fangirls over Kaze on a daily basis.

... seemingly has other interests as well, regarding her fangirl-ing ways.

(BL fangirls, this person is your FRIEND.)

Akai Hibari (&Lumi)
Nicknames: n/a
Age: 22
Birthday: November 13
Bloodtype: AB
Department: Sweeper, overall Info-manager
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Talents: Information management, information manipulation, psychological manipulation and mind games, ...clothes design?
Weapon(s): Lumi and two handguns

The overall "leader" of the team, a Jyouhouya (professional with the handling of information) by past experiences. Usually seen wearing a relatively luke-warm smile. Known for her very casual, laid-back comments... as well as her ability to say terrible things with a wide smile on her face.

Lumi is the first (and probably last) doll she created, though the mutations in her design tend to put people off.

Arche Nostalgia
Nicknames: Ohime-sama (Little Princess; Kale, Hibari and Hiu all use this to address her)
Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Bloodtype: B?
Department: Sweeper, Book Keeper
Likes: Books, tea, cakes, good stories
Dislikes: ...?
Talents: Archetype analysis, speed reading, memory/logging of key events, cracking cold jokes...?
Weapon(s): Book

Rarely talks. When she does, it is often polite, but at the same time straight to the point, and strangely harsh. Because her facial expressions rarely change, it is also quite out of place to hear her crack a cold joke. Yet it happens often. (It is hard to differenciate between a joke and something serious when it comes to Arche)

Supposingly knows all of the stories possible in the world, thus is prone to saying things about "typicalities" and such.

Loves nothing more than to sit in a large chair with a good book and a warm cup of tea. Treats Kale like a... dog? Servant? ...big brother?