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Temporary Jumbled Up Updates

P:K is not on Hiatus! DX;;; I... I refuse to let it be on Hiatus...!
However school's just started and my schedule's still a little full (what with two events coming up soon that will eat up my saturdays and lots of other little things to attend to) so I'm still trying to find a way to squeeze P:K updates back into life. TvT;;;

I will try to continue to keep to once-a-week updates, but they might be on irregular days, and sometimes things might just happen that will throw me off schedule... like last week for example =v=;;;

At the moment, Project; Karamawari will be updated once a week. It might be a monday, a friday, a saturday, etc... I'm not sure. TAT+ But updates will happen yes they will!

Sorry for the inconvienience caused OTL
T-thank you all so much for staying with us OAO///

m(_ _)m
Much love,

posted by hikahika on January 26th, 2010, 3:20 am   ||   1 comments

Layout Change

Finally a layout change.
Decided it'd look nicer this way.
More organized.
Whatever else you call it.

... and yea, I actually coughed up a banner too.

posted by hikahika on September 9th, 2007, 6:00 am   ||   2 comments

Mailbox and other Boring Things

Yea, yea. I was bored.

In fact, look forward to more boring additions to this webcomic thing... I'm looking forward to adding a voting section and other stuff... =A=aaa

There's a mailbox option now, for anyone who wants to contact any of the characters (or the authors - though I don't know why you'd wanna do that 8D).

... D: Feh. I doubt anyone reads my news posts anyway. XD

posted by hikahika on August 31st, 2007, 9:37 pm   ||   0 comments

Updates and Such

I don't know how many people actually visit the news page... O_o;;; but err...

Due to School starting soon (the school year is expected to be a busy one for both Minou and I), and the fact that Hika is a slow artist, Project: Karamawari will be updating ONCE A WEEK from now onwards!

*dodges rotten tomatoes and such*

In fact, we'll be updating every Sunday, so much apologies! TwT;;;

Thanks for all the support so far! o3o/

posted by hikahika on August 16th, 2007, 1:13 am   ||   0 comments


This was probably NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.

But er, it did.
(Hika runs away)

A test sorta thing for me to get used to manga and play around with stuff, but it turned out sorta fun.

By the way, my lovely friend Minou helped me with the tones!

... Hopefully updates will go smooth.

posted by hikahika on August 7th, 2007, 11:53 am   ||   1 comments